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I developped a webapp which runs on glassfish and mongodb. Mongodb is supported in cloudbees, what about glassfish? (it is not listed on their website).

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By now full support is available for Glassfish v3. Furthermore Glassfish v4 support is added but as far as I can tell only for the "Web Profile".

More information via their blog;

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CloudBees supports for GlassFish v3 deployments for web profile applications, its in early stages but in general it works. You can deploy using the bees SDK command.

$ bees app:deploy a ACCT_NAME/APP_ID -t glassfish3 path-to-war-file

You should also pack sun-web.xml with context-root entry:


See the glassfish3-clickstack in cloudbees-community github project if you are interested in how this support was enabled in the platform:

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Cloudbees has a ClickStack for glassfish - I don't know if it is already deployed on production

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