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I want to transfer my all push notification from one bundle id to another bundle id

For example :- i have one app which is bundle is is com.example.id1 now i want to transfer all push notification from com.example.id1 to com.example.id2. can any buddy help me?

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It is not possible. You can not transfer all push notification from one com.example.id1 to com.example.id2. I have find but not getting solution. You should go through other way.

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It's not possible from my point.Because at one time, there is only one application runing forground, other apps will be frozen in background. You push a notification in app1, other apps in the background can not receive it. Of course, there may be some trick can do that, you have to find out.Good luck.

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after transferring push notification to another id i want to delete old app from app store.and there will be never case that both app will be there on the same device. –  Yashesh Oct 27 '12 at 5:48

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