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I have Apache installed with the XAMPP package, and I'm working locally.

I have a rule in a .htaccess file that overwrites everything, let's take this for example:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?x=$1

Note that I do NOT have any RewriteCond that makes this rule ignore existing file or folders.

Now let's say I have a folder named "mydir". When I go to http://localhost/mydir/ it does indeed overwrite this and the contents of the folder are not shown. However, you know how usually when you open a folder in the browser, without the last slash, it is automatically added? Well it still does that, with a weird behavior. If I go to http://localhost/mydir it automatically changes the url to http://localhost/mydir/?x=mydir.

Well that's messed up, because it breaks my rule pretty bad. Is it some sort of Apache config setting, or am I missing something?


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See the reference to DirectorySlash on

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