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So I'm currently running the OSQA (Django) app on my site, and it currently uses shared hosting on DreamHost. How would I go about transferring my site to a..lets say..dedicated server? Would I have to install everything all over (Python, django etc)?


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I've hosted Django on a dedicated server (Linode), and yes, you do have to install Python, Django, and any other software you're using. A well maintained pip requirements file, fabric, and source control with git and github make things easier.

Unless you have a specific requirement for a dedicated server you may be happier with a platform as service provider, since they handle a lot of the configuration and deployment work for you and let you deploy directly from source control. Most offer free plans. I've had luck with Heroku and heard good things about Appfog. This Quora response offers other alternatives: http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-Heroku-equivalent-for-Django-applications

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