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i tryt to invoke QMetaObject::invokeMethod from object to the caller object i have this from the object :

bool bReturnInvokeMethod = false;
bool bInvokeMethod1= QMetaObject::invokeMethod(m_pCollector,
                            Q_ARG(QMap<QString,QVector<std::string > >, linksQTResultMap));

but im getting this error:

error C2976: 'QMap' : too few template arguments

why its well defined type

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The problem is that the C++ preprocessor isn't aware of templates, and Q_ARG is a macro.

When the preprocessor sees:


It's interpreted as a three distinct arguments (quotes to make it more visible):

Q_MAP( "foo<bar" , "baz>" , "blop" )

and the resulting expansion doesn't make sense.

Something that usually works to counter this is to use a typedef:

typedef QMap<QString,QVector<std::string> > MyStringVectorMap;
Q_MAP(MyStringVectorMap, linksQTResultMap)
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