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I have set my deployment target to 4.3 and the base SDK to 6.0 (as it comes with XCode 4.5) - when I run it on an iOS 5.1 device, everything works as expected, but as soon as I run it on an iOS 6 device, some problems come up. E.g the views do not rotate anymore. Why is this happening? (I am using the shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation method and I know that it is deprecated in iOS 6, but when the deployment target is set to 4.3 - this should not matter, correct?)

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It does matter, with iOS6 it's not as easy as before, where you could be quite safe during iOS updates.

Your code will run okay on devices running < iOS6

If the devices run >= iOS6.0 the new rotation handling will be used, so you have to adapt to this ...

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Check this post

iOS 6 autorotation in simulator varies from actual iOS 6 device

The deployment target only indicates the lower iOS supported, you have to handle the new iOS 6 rotation

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