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i need query which starts with first name here is my query:

if(@firstName <> '')

 set @queryString = @queryString+ ' and UPPER(col_FirstName) like ''%' +@firstName +'%'''
if(@lastName <> '')

set @queryString = @queryString + ' and UPPER(col_LastName) like ''%' +@lastName +'%'''

but it is searching first name in middle also i want to search only with initials letters thanks

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Whats wrong with the queyr you posted? Any errors? –  Mahmoud Gamal Oct 27 '12 at 7:52
What is the problem you are trying to solve? What are your inputs and desired outputs? What schema are you working with? –  jsj Oct 27 '12 at 7:54

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Both masks in your constructed condition specify that the search be performed anywhere in the column value:

... + ' and UPPER(col_FirstName) like ''%' + @firstName + '%'''
... + ' and UPPER(col_LastName) like ''%' + @lastName + '%'''

The percent sign in the mask stands for "any number of any characters". Placed before the search term, therefore, it would match a value where the search term (@firstName) is preceded by any number of characters. To specify that the col_FirstName value should start with the @firstName value (and possibly have an arbitrary number of characters afterwards), just remove the leading percent, i.e. like this:

... + ' and UPPER(col_FirstName) like ''' + @firstName + '%'''
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Insted of these IFs you can do it in one query like so:

  AND (@lastName  <> '' OR UPPER(col_LastName LIKE '%@lastName%')
  AND (@firstName <> '' OR UPPER(col_FirstName LIKE '%@firstName%')
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