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I have class, parameterized with HList and some other type. How can I use map on HList in one of its methods?

Compilation of this code throws java.lang.AssertionError:

class Test[L <: HList, P](l: L, p: P) {
  type Cont[T] = (P, T)
  object generator extends (Id ~> Cont) {
    def apply[T](t: T) = p -> t
  def test(implicit m: Mapper[generator.type, L]) = {
    l map generator

new Test(1 :: HNil, 'a).test // java.lang.AssertionError

My goal is this kind of result:

type Cont[T] = (Symbol, T)
val p = 'a
object generator extends (Id ~> Cont) {
  def apply[T](t: T) = p -> t

scala> (1 :: 'b' :: HNil) map generator
res0: shapeless.::[(Symbol, Int),shapeless.::[(Symbol, Char),shapeless.HNil]] = ('a,1) :: ('a,b) :: HNil
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This is a bug in the Scala compiler (both 2.9.2 and 2.10.0-RC1).

As a workaround, if you split the creation of the instance of Test and the invocation of the test method across two expression then it works as expected,

scala> val t = new Test(1 :: HNil, 'a)
t: Test[shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.HNil],Symbol] = Test@4b153b34

scala> t.test
res0: shapeless.::[(Symbol, Int),shapeless.HNil] = ('a,1) :: HNil
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Thank you! Unfortunately workaround is useless since Test should be implicit class. –  senia Oct 27 '12 at 8:32
Understood. It might be possible to restructure the code in a way which avoids the scalac bug and gets you the form that you're looking for. Head over to the shapeless mailing list and take it from there. –  Miles Sabin Oct 27 '12 at 8:49

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