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I am new to Active Directory and still learning some of the concepts.

The code below shows connecting to AD on my local machine and this code works properly

DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://CN=testing1,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com");
DirectoryEntryConfiguration entryConfiguration = entry.Options;

Console.WriteLine("Server: " + entryConfiguration.GetCurrentServerName());
Console.WriteLine("Page Size: " + entryConfiguration.PageSize.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Password Encoding: " + entryConfiguration.PasswordEncoding.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Password Port: " + entryConfiguration.PasswordPort.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Referral: " + entryConfiguration.Referral.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Security Masks: " + entryConfiguration.SecurityMasks.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Is Mutually Authenticated: " + entryConfiguration.IsMutuallyAuthenticated().ToString());

Here is my problem: when I replace mydomain in the LDAP path of another machine it gives me an error


gives me this error

System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException was unhandled Message=A referral was returned from the server.

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This was basically a teething error

Instead of this:


I should have written

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