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I want to make a website like http://cvmkr.com/ ,should i use CMS(wordpress or joomla) or any php framework or core php to develop?? ..plz suggest..

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The choice of a CMS or framework depends on a lot of things.

How large is the project

The website you have given as an example http://cvmkr.com/ looks like a large project (140.000 cvs is a lot because it means a lot of users). Building a project like this one using a CMS or even a "normal" framework is a bad idea because it is not scalable, which means that if you overpass a number of users, the server and website/database will not be able to sustain them. Large projects such as this are handled in a different way and usually reside in a cloud, not on a single server.

Of course, since it seems like you are at the beginning, you can develop your project in a CMS/framework of your choice and worry about scaling it when you start gathering a lot of users.

Your programming skills

A CMS is easier to install/use then a PHP framework. Of course, if you want to customize a theme (for example on Wordpress), then things become complicated and you need to know some PHP programming.

A website built from scratch using a PHP framework is easier to maintain and control on a long term. One of the most accesible frameworks I have worked with is CakePHP, although I wouldn't recomment it for large projects.

If you're looking from something more professional (and at the same time more difficult to start with), then you can try Zend Framework.

There are quite a lot of other PHP frameworks out there, but I haven't worked with them personally so I wouldn't know if to recommend them or not.

How many changes it would require in the future

If you use a CMS like Wordpress and start making changes in the code to change its original (blogging) purpose, then it will become quite a mess. I have done it before and it's not pretty. So, if you're looking for clean code, then a framework is the way to go.

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i didn't think of developing to such a large extent.. u gave a new direction to my project with your answer.. I think of joomla for developing this... isn't that sufficient or i can n make it with cakephp becoz i knw only these two.. –  Tushar Sippy Oct 27 '12 at 14:56

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