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I got a table EMPLOYEE1 and i'm trying to insert values into it

INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE1 values(00001, 00004566)

But it inserts the values as 1 and 4566 truncating zero's why does this happen. can some one help me out

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You must to store such values as string value, not numeric, for saving zeros. –  Denis Kreshikhin Oct 27 '12 at 8:01
As a number, 1 and 00001 are equivalent - so SQL Server just stores 1 as a number. Makes sense. If you need to display that 1 as 00001 somewhere - do this display formatting where you need it - in your front-end (or report or wherever you need it) - don't store this into the database - no need and no benefit from doing so! 1 is just 1 - no matter how many zeroes you add infront of it... –  marc_s Oct 27 '12 at 8:36

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This is happening because the data type of this column is numeric. You should make these columns varchar to be able to insert numbers without trancating zeros. Something like:

CREATE TABLE Employee1(EmpNumber VARCHAR(50), EmpName VARCHAR(50), ...);

('00001', 'Foo', ..);
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