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I have an NSMutableArray filled by external source. This array is an array of NSDictionaries - which actually contain xml key value pairs within them. Somewhat like:


And so on.

Now, all my key1=valueB records must go into Section 1 of UITableView. In above xml, it will be element2 and element3. And rest should go to section 2.

I know some solutions that advise to create two arrays from beginning, but that filtering is somewhat complex based on above structure. I am seeking something concise, and if possible, in-built UITableView functionality.

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I figured that easiest way is to divide into two arrays first. And luckily I figured out how easy it is:

   for (NSMutableDictionary *theDict in sourceMutableArray)
     if ([theDict objectForKey:@"key1"] != nil)
       if ([[theDict objectForKey:@"key1"] isEqualToString:@"valueB"])
          [destinationMutableArray1 addObject:theDict];
          [destinationMutableArray2 addObject:theDict];
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