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A bit of information

Parent Class: Vehicle
Child Class: Car & Motorcycle

I got a struct which is

struct Point 
    int x,y;

and i got a setPoint function at Car & Motorcycle which do the following

since Car got 4 wheels and Motorcycle got 2 wheels.

Car will have this function

class Car : public Vehicle
    Point wheelPoint[4]; // if motorcycle then its wheelPoint[2]
    Point getPoint();
    void setPoint();

void Car::setPoint()
    int xData,yData;

    for (int i=0;i<4;i++)
         cout << "Please enter X  :" ;
         cin >> xData;
         cout << "Please enter Y  :" ;
         cin >> yData;
    }//end for loop
}//end setPoint

so i got a getPoint function also..

Point Car::getPoint()
     return wheelPoint;

The issue is at my main.cpp , i did the following

int main()
     VehicleTwoD *vehicletwod[100];

     //assuming just car but there motorcycle too
     Car *mCar = new Car();
     Point myPoint;

     vechicletwod[0] = mCar;
     //here i did the setpoint, set other variable

     //then when i try retrieve
     myPoint = Car->getPoint();
     //no error till here.

     cout << sizeof(myPoint);

no matter its motorcycle or car, the result always stay at 4, it wont be 2 for motorcycle and 4 for car. i not sure whats wrong

Assuming i did the setpoint for motorcycle too. both return same result, is my contain Point myPoint in main class unsuitable to contain a wheelPoint[array]

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that's UB right there – Aniket Oct 27 '12 at 9:17
@chris where?.. – Luchian Grigore Oct 27 '12 at 9:21
@LuchianGrigore, Nowhere, my tired mind is playing tricks on me. – chris Oct 27 '12 at 9:25
getPoint() returns one Point when wheelPoint is an array of Point: this code doesn't compile. – Aubin Oct 27 '12 at 9:28
Using a std::vector<Point> instead of an array would solve some of your problems. And also allow for 3-wheeled vehicles (both cars and motorcycles). – Bo Persson Oct 27 '12 at 9:55
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sizeof(myPoint) should return the size of the type Point (well, your code doesn't compile to start with, but if it did, that's what it would return). Car and Motorcycle don't come into discussion.

One alternative is to have a virtual function is Vechicle:

class Vechicle
    virtual int getNoWheels() = 0;

which you override in Car and Motorcycle:

class Car : public Vechicle
    int getNoWheels() { return 4; }
class Motorcycle : public Vechicle
    int getNoWheels() { return 2; }

and then call. Something like:

VehicleTwoD *vehicletwod[100];
vehicletwod[0] = new Car;
vehicletwod[1] = new Motorcycle;

vehicletwod[0]->getNoWheels(); //returns 4
vehicletwod[1]->getNoWheels(); //returns 2

Another alternative is to hold a std::vector<Point> as a member in Vehicle:

class Vehicle
   std::vector<Point> wheels;
   Vehicle(int noWheels) : wheels(noWheels) {}
   int getNoWheels() { return wheels.size() }

and initialize it depending on the actual class, e.g.:

class Car
   Car() : Vehicle(4) {}

Also, I doubt:

myPoint = Car->getPoint();

compiles, since Car is a type, not a pointer to an object. Next time, reduce your code to the minimum and post the actual code.

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