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I have a solution with this structure :

ProjectName.Domain ==> contains POCO classes (EntityFramework code first classes)
ProjectName.DataAccess ==> contains DbContext and EntityFramework mapping codes.
ProjectName.Task ==> It's my bushiness layer .
ProjectName.Presnetation.MvcClient ==> It's ASP.NET MVC web client.
ProjectName.Presentation.SilverlightClient ==> It's Silverlight 5 client.
ProjectName.WCFRiaClassLibrary ==> It's layer between business logic and Silverlight client

I've decided to handle logic such as queries and CRUD operations in business logic and use ProjectName.Task in domain service class.

I can't find any sample that use EF code first approach and load entities from another project , can you please help or give me link ? because when I try to create my DomainService class without wizard I can't find generated proxy classes in silverlight client project . I'm doing something like this :

    public class CrudService : DomainService
    private readonly IEntityTask _entityTask;

    public CrudService(IEntityTask entityTask)
        _entityTask = entityTask;

    public IQueryable<Entity>  GetAll ()
       return _entityTask.GetAll().AsQueryable();

Is this possible to use code first classes from another project with WCF Ria Service ?
What is wrong with my approach?

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Defintely possible. Take a look at this question to see possible problems with wcf ria + ef
I've just written a small blog post attaching to it a functional project. You can find it here

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My problem is not as same as linked question. –  shaahin Oct 27 '12 at 10:06
does your domain context is being generated ? does your class define KeyAttribute ? btw, the linked question is all about problems about classes not being generated on the proxy –  mCasamento Oct 27 '12 at 10:33

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