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Before start , I should say I hate the Opencart(Ecommerce CMS) Closed community because they sell every thing on it instead of sharing the code to debug it by other developers like something the Drupal do.

So my question is :

I am new to Opencart Module Development and i want to create SMS Module for administrator back end , and i Know How the MVC architecture work and I know i should use VQMOD to not modifiing the core , but i cant put it together . anybody know any simple module do all the things (be a module , have database , do something simple) with well documented processes?

thanks .

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I do it as the following steps:

I have read a little on http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/ , it has very good document Then i download a module from Opencart and saw the pattern they create it , and i reversing it .

VQmod in essence is some kind of code injection to core , it have some simple command to find and add some code where you want to in xml type.

The rest was MVC and PHP , nothing you cannot understand .

This is the best way when you are using poor documented and poor Community CMS .

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