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I am trying to fetch google distances in gridview RowDataBound with a force sleep of 1000ms,Nothing helping,Am getting correct distance for the first query,ie the first row of the gridview, all others i get 'Over-Query-Limit' for content variable ,I want to know three things:

  • Is there any solution for this situation.
  • Is google limiting queries per day OR
  • Is google limiting queries per second ?
public int getDistance(string origin, string destination)
        int distance = 0;
        string url = "" + origin + "&destination=" + destination + "&sensor=false";
        string requesturl = url;
        string content = fileGetContents(requesturl);
        JObject o = JObject.Parse(content);
            distance = (int)o.SelectToken("routes[0].legs[0].distance.value");
            return distance;
            return distance;
        return distance;
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Just read the official google maps API licensing page – lurkerbelow Oct 27 '12 at 10:21
@lurkerbelow : It says 2500 per day,but then how come am getting the first query output if 2500 is over ?Also it does not tell anything about per second limitations . – sajanyamaha Oct 27 '12 at 10:26
have you read geocoding-api-query-over-limit? some people do report that they have the same issue as you, there's a workaround provided in that link. – lurkerbelow Oct 27 '12 at 10:28
yes i had tried 1000ms delay,no help,They are even advicing to ditch google,i strongly think there is some other proper workaround. – sajanyamaha Oct 27 '12 at 10:32
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Ok,As above 2500 queries per day makes google search a paid service i went for another logic,We can calculate distances without as follows :

    public decimal calcDistance(decimal latA, decimal longA, decimal latB, decimal longB)

        double theDistance = (Math.Sin(DegreesToRadians(latA)) *
                Math.Sin(DegreesToRadians(latB)) +
                Math.Cos(DegreesToRadians(latA)) *
                Math.Cos(DegreesToRadians(latB)) *
                Math.Cos(DegreesToRadians(longA - longB)));

        return Convert.ToDecimal((RadiansToDegrees(Math.Acos(theDistance)))) * 69.09M * 1.6093M;

    public double DegreesToRadians(decimal degrees)
        return Convert.ToDouble((Convert.ToDecimal(Math.PI) / 180.0M) * degrees);

    public double RadiansToDegrees(double radians)
        return Convert.ToDouble((180.0M / Convert.ToDecimal(Math.PI)) * Convert.ToDecimal(radians));
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But there is difference between the two distances (Google vs Yours): one is actual walking/driving distance by HUMAN and other is AS-CROW-FLIES – Rohit May 3 '13 at 14:12

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