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The following code has an ko.computed that is the uppercase version of name. The subscriber modifies name, but the computed observable doesn't track the change.

​var ViewModel = function() {
    this.name = ko.observable("Brad");
    this.nameUpper = ko.computed(function() {
        return this.name().toUpperCase();
    }, this);

var model = new ViewModel();
model.nameUpper.subscribe(function(newValue) {
    console.log('nameUpper changed to ' + newValue);
}, model);​​​

console.log('nameUpper = ' + model.nameUpper());
console.log('nameUpper = ' + model.nameUpper());

Expected output:

nameUpper = BRAD
nameUpper changed to STEVIE
nameUpper = CHRIS

Actual output:

nameUpper = BRAD
nameUpper changed to STEVIE
nameUpper = STEVIE

Here's the jsfiddle.

Update: It would appear this is intentional given this line. My guess is that it's to protect programmers from accidently inducing infinite recursion.

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Yes, this is intentional. –  RP Niemeyer Oct 27 '12 at 13:07

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If this were allowed it would create a circular dependency, causing endless recalculation. 'nameUpper' depends on value of 'name' and is recalculated every time 'name' changes. If you subscribe to your computed and keep modifying 'name' the subscribe event will just keep refiring.

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Sure, but nameUpper should still be updated. –  bradley.ayers Oct 28 '12 at 0:00

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