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I am fairly new to visual studio and i got to say this is by far the best IDE ever! Just wondering if there is a add on or some type of customization in VS for this use case:

I type Conso and intellesense brings up all the options under that combination of code. and i hit tab for console, then i start .Wri and it brings up all the options again but i hit tab for "Write" and not "WriteLine" now when i hit backspace intellisense is not active until i remove everything from the including the "." then i have to start over .

It would be nice if i could just as i backspace give me the options so that i could select "WriteLine" without all the backspaces.

Is this possible somehow?

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Use Ctrl +Space to force Intellisense predictions at anytime.

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Awesome. This IDE just gets better and better. Its such a pleasure to work in. –  gerdi Oct 27 '12 at 18:33

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