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I need to come up with an output column based on the following dates entered.

Here is what I have right now

declare @day1 date, @day2 date

set @day1='4/1/2012'
set @day2='8/31/2012'

Select * 
       at.Code, at.Description,
       case MONTH(jex.Date)
         when 1 then 'January'
         when 2 then 'February'
         when 3 then 'March'
         when 4 then 'April'
         when 5 then 'May'
         when 6 then 'June'
         when 7 then 'July'
         when 8 then 'August'
         when 9 then 'September'
         when 10 then 'October'
         when 11 then 'November'
         when 12 then 'December'
      end as [Month],
      jep.Amount [Amount]
       Journald jep
       Journa jex ON jex.JEntryID = jep.JyID
       CONVERT(VARCHAR(11), je.Date, 101) BETWEEN @day1 and @day2
) Tba
for [Month] in ([January],[February],[March],[April],[May],[June],[July],[August],[Septemer],[October],[November],[December])

I have an output where it lists all dates but I only needed to show columns based on the dates entered in this case April, May, June, July, August.

EDIT Here is my output

I only need April, May, June,July, August Columns but instead I am still showing all columns.

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You could replace your big bulky CASE with a single line: DATENAME(MONTH, jex.Date) – marc_s Oct 27 '12 at 12:32
well I can do that but I need to produce an output which only shows column names between the dates that are entered. – error1692 Oct 28 '12 at 0:45

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