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PHP: Public, Private, Protected

I know what is difference between public, protected and private modificators, but I dont understood, why they are needed? why only public is not enaugh?

Can you post little example, when you declare method as private, and tell please also, why is in this concrete situation private better, than public ?

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Read up on encapsulation, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…. –  alexn Oct 27 '12 at 12:20
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private and protetected are useful to keep the interface (public methods) of your class clean.

for example

class car {
    public drive() {

    private start_engine() {

you as user only need to call drive. starting the engine isn't your part.

often private and protected methods to stuff in an special order. Would you call them yourself, maybe you would crash something.

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There are many bad examples of use access modifiers. I try to show you one that is really practical.

class store_data

// private enforces update this variable
// only from that class - it helps to keep integrity of that
// counter and dont allow you to change it by mistake
private int changes_counter = 0;

// only this method can be called from outside
// this enforces changes_counter integrity and
// you cant update screen without changing variable
public store_my_variable(int x)
    save_in_file(int x);
    update_screen(int x);

// to run other methods in this function 
// you have to open file with this class
// if you open it - you will see that other operations are necessary
private save_variable_in_file(int x)
    // save code here

private update_variable_on_screen(int x)
    // update screen here

private increment_changes_counter(int x)


Access modifiers are also helpful, when you have a lot of functions in class. Code completing features in many editors will not suggest you variable name which is not accesible from class where you are writing now.

In old-school programming languages without access modifiers that was really big problem - imagine 200 functions on auto-complete list :)

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