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hi all i need to write a simple bash script that lists all PHP files in a directory and writes the first 5 lines of each PHP-file to new file called : PHP_header

i know only the basic in linux command line

    grep –r stringsearch
    find /opt/-name ‘log_*’
    du –s foldername
    head -10 filename
    mkdir filername.php

please explain me how can i complet this

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This should do:


for f in *.php; do
  head -5 "$f"
done > PHP_header

To add some explanation:

  • for f in *.php

    The loop iterates over all .php files in the current working directory.

  • head -5

    This command prints the first five lines of a file to STDOUT.

  • done > PHP_header

    The redirection (>) at the end of the loop redirects STDOUT for everything printed inside the loop to the file PHP_header.

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