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What is wrong with the following code in shell script :

Below code throwing unexpected else error:

if [ $result -eq 0 ];
  echo "SFTP completed successfully to Prod Remote Server" >> $LOG_FILE
   if [[ $result -eq 4 || $result -eq 5 ]];
  echo "FAILED to connect to Server. " >> $LOG_FILE

 echo "FAILED to SFTP to  Remote Server. " >> $LOG_FILE

Below line giving /usr/bin/sftp not found error:




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You are missing the then after the second if statement.

It should be

 if [[ $result -eq 4 || $result -eq 5 ]];
   echo "FAILED to connect to Server. " >> $LOG_FILE

As for the second command, either sftp isn't installed or it isn't in /usr/bin.

Run which sftp to find out where it is.

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if [[ $result -eq 4 || $result -eq 5 ]];

You forget the 'then' after the if construct.

When it is not found, check if sftp is found in the path.

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There are two errors. The syntax error is the missing then. The other error is that this should be a case statement:

exec >> $LOG_FILE
case "$result" in
0)   echo "SFTP completed successfully to Prod Remote Server";;
4|5) errorConnectToProd=1
     echo "FAILED to connect to Server. ";;
*)   echo "FAILED to SFTP to  Remote Server. ";;
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why is it an "error" to use a if statement ? – Ben Oct 27 '12 at 17:59
@Ben Because it's the wrong thing to do! – William Pursell Oct 27 '12 at 18:13

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