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        <div class="yui-gd">
            <div class="yui-u first"><label for="${args.htmlid}-addContent">${msg("label.HowToAddContent")}:</label></div>
            <div class="yui-u"> 
              <select id="addContent" name="addContent" onchange="dropdown(this)">
                  <option value="1" selected="selected">${msg("label.generateFromDescription")}</option>
                  <option value="2">${msg("label.uploadFile")}</option>

<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
       function dropdown(sel){
              //if(document.getElementById("addContent").value == "1")
            if(sel.value == "0"){
               document.getElementById('desc').style.display = 'block'
            else {
            document.getElementById('desc').style.display = 'none'

I write it because i want to add event handler into select box, it works well in firefox, but in IE it always throw null exception. Even through i used attachEvent , it still can not work in IE. If i use document.getElementById("addContent") in above, it will always throw null exception! But all these things work well in Firefox!

Can someone tell me why ? Thanks in advance !

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Which IE version are you using? If it's an old version, try to get the selected value through the options:

var selectedValue = sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value;
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