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I'm in the process of migrating from Thin to Unicorn. I've had success with most of the website except loading a specific Gem package. I don't think it's the package itself, but rather how Unicorn interacts with the Initializer files.

Here's my current unicorn.rb setup. I didn't use before_fork or after_fork since I'm using Mongoid.

worker_processes 3
timeout 30
preload_app true

The initializer file is in /config/initializers/asin.rb

ASIN::Configuration.configure do |config|
  config.secret        = ENV['AMAZON_SECRET']
  config.key           = ENV['AMAZON_KEY']
  config.associate_tag = ENV['AMAZON_TAG']
  config.version       = ENV['AMAZON_VERSION']

Does Rails automatically load the info inside the initializer files?

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If you're going to use preload_app true and you have sockets opening at load time, you are likely going to have trouble unless you take the time to write before_fork and after_fork unicorn hooks.

The Unicorn docs on preload_app discuss this in more detail.

[Preloading] allows memory savings when using a copy-on-write-friendly GC but can cause bad things to happen when resources like sockets are opened at load time by the master process and shared by multiple children.

Generally, I would suggest keeping preload_app false until you're sure everything is working. When you're ready to optimize your deployment, you can then consider taking the steps necessary to preload the app.

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Yep. As long as you put it in config/initializers, it would be loaded.

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