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Dart provide us a new way to concate strings without the + operator.

Old way would be:

    String foo = "foo";
    String newString = "Hello" + " foo " + "bar";

The dart way would be:

    String foo = "foo";
    String newString = "Hello $foo bar";

Both would result in:

    Hello foo bar

But, what if I want to concatenate without spaces?

Old way would be:

    String foo = "foo";
    String newString = "Hello" + "foo" + "bar";

Result would be:


But when I try this at Dart, it gives me an obviously syntax error:

    String foo = "foo";
    String newString = "Hello $myString bar";

What is the solution to this? Should I use the String.concat? A string buffer? I really liked this new way to concatenate Strings, but I don't think I could use to this kind of situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Multiple options exist.

First instead of using the + you can just have multiple string literals:

String str = 'foo' ' bar ' 'zap'; // any whitespace between literals

Secondly if you want to use string interpolation, you can just as the parens to help with scope:

String foo = 'foo';
String str = 'Hello${foo}bar';
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That worked, thanks :)! –  Eduardo Copat Oct 27 '12 at 15:55

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