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Under Windows 7, IE 8 shows every open tab as a taskbar thumbnail. How can I achieve this in my own app?

MSN Messenger exhibits the same behavior.

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Aero Peek is a different feature. The peek feature has to do with the little nub at the end of the taskbar which allows you to preview the desktop and gadgets. The IE8/Messenger feature has to do with the live window preview feature. – jrista Aug 21 '09 at 4:25
Which language are you using? C++ or C#? – Lucas Aug 21 '09 at 4:56
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I believe that this is done with the Windows API Code Pack:

And here's a blog post explaining how "custom window previews can be used to expose a list of child windows (browser tabs) as thumbnail- and peek-enabled windows in the taskbar." Sounds like what you need:

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The following article should help. There are several new taskbar features in Windows 7, all of them are discussed at the link below.

Note that the Aero Peek feature has nothing to do with task bar buttons, it just lets you make all windows fully transparent to preview your desktop and gadgets. What you were actually looking for is "Windows 7 Grouped Taskbar Thumbnails", in case you need to do additional searches.

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This is the best reference I've got. Note that I'm assuming native code here, a .NET equivalent could be p/invoke'd up in a fairly straight forward manner.

It boils down to the following:

  • For each tab, create a proxy window
    • For these windows call DwmSetWindowAttribute to set DWMWA_FORCE_ICONIC_REPRESENTATION & DWMWA_HAS_ICONIC_THUMBNAIL
  • Whenever these proxy windows receives a WM_DWMSENDICONICLIVEPREVIEWBITMAP message, render the corresponding thumbnail into the proxy window
    • Whenever a proxy window receives a WM_ACTIVATE, switch to the correct tab
    • You also need to handle WM_SYSCOMMAND
  • Grab your ITaskbarList4
    • Use it to register each of your proxy windows as a tab
    • Manage tab order and what not via the ITaskbarList4 interface (this includes activating tabs)

It seems like there should be a better way to do this, but its all I'm aware of at the moment.

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