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How would one go about identifying the types inside a boost::fusion vector?


fusion::vector<int, double, string> v;

then something that would let me identify v[0] as being type int, v[1] as type double and v[2] as type string.


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There is no such thing as v[0] as I remember, because you need a compile-time construct. What did you try and what are you trying to do ? –  Matthieu M. Oct 27 '12 at 14:32

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In order to extract an element from a boost::fusion::vector you need to use boost::fusion::at_c, like this:

boost::fusion::vector<int, std::string> v(1, "hello");
std::cout << boost::fusion::at_c<0>(v) << std::endl; // prints 1

The type at position N is:

boost::fusion::result_of::at_c<boost::fusion::vector<int, std::string>, 1>::type
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Ah OK this probably works too, thanks. –  arlogb Oct 27 '12 at 14:43

This link describes what I was trying to do.

In detail, the following is what I was trying to achieve:

template<int N, typename T>
struct a_struct{
typedef typename T::value_type etype;
typedef typename boost::fusion::result_of::value_at<etype, boost::mpl::int_<N> >::type a_type;

Where T is a std::vector of boost::fusion vectors.

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