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Currently I have two functions :

template<typename Type> bool f(Type* x);
template<typename... List> bool f(std::tuple<List...>* x);

Is there any way to merge these two functions with an extra template parameter that indicates whether the passed type is a tuple ?

template<typename Type, bool IsTuple = /* SOMETHING */> bool f(Type* x);
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Sure, using is_specialization_of (link taken and fixed from here):

template<typename Type, bool IsTuple = is_specialization_of<Type, std::tuple>::value>
bool f(Type* x);

The question is, however, do you really want that? Normally, if you need to know if a type is a tuple, you need special handling for tuples, and that usually has to do with its template arguments. As such, you might want to stick to your overloaded version.

Edit: Since you mentioned you only need a small portion specialized, I recommend overloading but only for the small special part:

template<class T>
bool f(T* x){
  // common parts...
  // common parts...


template<class T>
void f_special_part(T* x){ /* general case */ }

template<class... Args>
void f_special_part(std::tuple<Args...>* x){ /* special tuple case */ }
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In normal time this could be dangerous and a specialization would be preferable. But this function is a large function, and only a small if inside change whether tuple type or not. –  Vincent Oct 27 '12 at 14:38
Using an extra template parameter also means it's possible to explicitly call f<tuple<...>, false>, or f<int, true>, which could be avoided by checking is_specialization_of in the function body. –  hvd Oct 27 '12 at 14:38
@Vincent: Then I'd actually recommend tag-dispatching instead of a runtime if. :) –  Xeo Oct 27 '12 at 14:40
static if, we need yooooooou –  Seth Carnegie Oct 27 '12 at 14:54

You could just have your functions defer to another function:

template<typename Type,bool IsTuple> bool f(Type *x);

template<typename Type> 
inline bool f(Type* x) { return f<Type,false>(x); }

template<typename... List> 
inline bool f(std::tuple<List...>* x) { return f<std::tuple<List...>,true>(x); }
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