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I'm trying to setup Django-Paypal and have got as far as the return from PayPal. To cut a long story short, in my Apache access logs, I get the following whenever I process a payment through PayPal (and PayPal POSTs the result back to my server): - - [27/Oct/2012:16:42:52 +0200] "POST /my/super/secret/notify/url/ HTTP/1.0" 401 787 "-" "-"

The notify view does have @csrf_exempt for the purpose of troubleshooting this error and still it doesn't work.

If anyone can tell me how to solve this issue (which is clearly a permissions/authorization issue), I'd be very grateful!

P.S.: I've tried adding WSGIPassAuthorization on to my apache config file, which also didn't help.

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@Jay - thanks for the formatting corrections - I'm normally pretty good at getting that right, but I'm afraid my frustration with the problem at hand got the better of me. – Erve1879 Oct 28 '12 at 11:00
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Turns out, I was being very dim.... We had Basic Authentication on the server to keep out prying eyes until launch, so of course PayPal was being rejected with a 401.....

So the answer of course is to remove the Basic Authentication while testing the IPN - all clear!

Amazing how stepping back from something for a bit reveals the most glaring (and simple) of mistakes.

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I've Just hit the same issue but kept the basic authentication by adding a few 'Allow from' rules in the virtual host:

Allow from
Allow from
Allow from
Satisfy Any

PayPal Sandbox ip addresses

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