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I'm trying to use everyauth to handle authentication for a rest api created with restify. But can't find a starting point. I'd expect to be doing something like:

var restify = require('restify');  
var everyauth = require('everyauth');
var server = restify.createServer();

but restify does not accept the everyauth middleware.

How do I go about setting up restify and everyauth?

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The issue you are having is restify does not and current will not have a middleware layer.

The below is from the author of restify

I've thought about this quite a bit, and the thing that worries me here is signing up for compatibility with connect evermore. I don't have control or input over what they decide to do. This seems more in the vein of "if it works, great".

I'm going to close this out with a "won't fix" for now :\

What you can do is use connect and add the restify server on top of that, then you can use connect to manage your middleware like everyauth.

Here is a great sample of this, I have it working great on my system as-is.

// Restify server config here
var server = restify.createServer({
  name: 'restify-test',
  version: '1.0.0',

// ...

// Connect config here
var connectApp = connect()
    // And this is where the magic happens
    .use("/api", function (req, res) {
             server.server.emit('request', req, res);


Then you can add everyauth to connect as per the documents.

Hope that helps.

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