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How would I extend the $insert so that I can pass multiple parameters into the function e.g {"Sample text %s this more %s."|inject:$foo:$foo2}.

At the moment it only works with 1 param.

 * Smarty inject modifier plugin
 * Type:     modifier<br>
 * Name:     inject<br>
 * Purpose:  sprintf with a IF empty wrapper
function smarty_modifier_inject($string, $insert)
        return sprintf($string, $insert);
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you have to modify inject function to take arbitrary number of arguments, like this:

function inject(){
    $args = func_get_args();
    if(count($args) > 1){
        return call_user_func_array('sprintf', $args);
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How would I add the check if the arguments are not empty? –  John Magnolia Oct 29 '12 at 7:57

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