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And I get a 403: Forbidden... what gives open source guys? Never have these problems with ruby/apache stuff

wget http://dist.wso2.org/products/carbon/4.0.2/wso2carbon-4.0.2.zip --2012-10-27 15:39:59-- http://dist.wso2.org/products/carbon/4.0.2/wso2carbon-4.0.2.zip Resolving dist.wso2.org (dist.wso2.org)... Connecting to dist.wso2.org (dist.wso2.org)||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden 2012-10-27 15:39:59 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

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WSO2 download site blocks downloads by referer, which breaks direct wget/curl download to one's server. A completely backwards decision for open source software that is meant to be deployed onto a server. You can work around that with wget --referer connect.wso2.com or curl --referer connect.wso2.com. –  mpontes Feb 5 '14 at 14:54

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This is the proper place to download. You have tried a wrong place and blame. Thats not good.

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