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Is it possible to code PHP to perform a mysql SELECT query, to pull a roomprice value, if a condition is met based on input in a fifth table which stores the user input of the roomtype selected?

For example:

I have separate tables based on each type of room with prices for each date of that room type.


If the user, in the HTML form, selects a DBL room for the ABC_2 tour starting 6-Feb (ABC_2 tour could have multiple start dates), would there be a way to code php to sort of option a query based on this user entered value posted to the reservation table under Roomtype1?


if ($row['roomtype1']) = `SGL`  {
$tourquery = "SELECT SELECT sg.roomprice, r.totpax 
         FROM reservations r, sgl_table sg 
         WHERE r.tourstart = sg.tourstart
         AND r.tourbk_id = sg.tour_id"; 
$tourresult = $db->query($tourquery);} 

elseif ($row['roomtype1']) = `DBL`) {
$tourquery = "SELECT db.roomprice, r.totpax 
         FROM reservations r, dbl_table db 
         WHERE t.tourstart = db.tourstart
         AND r.tour_id = db.tour_id"; 
$tourresult = $db->query($tourquery);} 

and so on...

Is such a possibility? Is this syntax correct?

Also, should I use ` or ' in the php code to select the row value (SGL, DBL, TPL, QUD) of roomtype1 (assuming such is a possibility)?

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No, the syntax of your boolean conditions isn't correct, the comparison operator is == and not =, which is the assignment operator. Change if($row['roomtype1']) = `SGL`) to if($row['roomtype1'] == 'SGL', respectivly ($row['roomtype1']) = `DBL`) to ($row['roomtype1']) == 'DBL'). Also use ' or " for PHP strings, the use of ` for strings is illegal in PHP. –  Havelock Oct 27 '12 at 16:53

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