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I'm pretty much new to iphone development and I started with ViewBasedApplication and I have a UIViewController(GetDetails) and I'm adding a tabBarController to it .There are two tabbar items GetDetails and Login.On startup of app GetDetails view will load up.Now when I click on the other tabbaritem (Login )it has to redirect to LoginViewController.But in my app when I click on Login ,LoginViewController with two textboxes and a button is loaded.But the problem is additionally I am also getting the textbox and button of GetDetailsViewController.For Login tabbaritem I have set the nib name to LoginViewController..

How can I get the corresponding view only when a tabbar item is clicked ?

GetDetailsViewController When I click on secondtabbaritem I can see like this..with GetDetails also displayed in the background TabbarController

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How have you added your tab bar items? Programatically or with interface builder? A screenshot of your tab bar controller in interface builder would help. –  sooper Oct 27 '12 at 19:15
I did it with interfacebuilder.Those were the tabbaritems that come as default when I add a Tabbarcontroller..... I have edited my screenshots...Can u please tell me where Im going wrong? –  Honey Oct 28 '12 at 6:38

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