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I am going to manually create some servlet files. But i checked out some tutorial that mentions Servlet(i.e MyServlet.java) must be created under the folder ../WEB-INF/classes/ .Of course, you need to create web.xml under the folder WEB-INF to modify the servlet mapping.

But if you are using ECLIPSE JUNO to create a servlet file via Dynamic Project, the servlet will be created in the Java source folder, NOT in the /WEB-INF/classes/. And it works fine. Thus is there any difference on those two way?

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Servlet source code can be placed anywhere you want. In maven projects it's /src/main/java, as any other class. However after compiling servlet to bytecode it must be placed in .war file under /WEB-INF/classes. It doesn't matter which tool you use (or maybe you don't use any tool at all), it must produce .war file with predefined structure.

That being said you are free to use any environment/IDE/tool and put your servlets source code anywhere you want, as long as you are able to produce standard .war file.

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