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I want to put a breakpoint in a file that's part of a library used in my application. If I simply open the .cpp file in XCode, it gets its own window, and breakpoints are never triggered.

But when Xcode opens a source file in the same library - because of an exception for example - that file gets opened in the application project/workspace window. If I set a breakpoint here, it will get triggered.

So how do I simply open a source file and set breakpoints on it? I remember in VC++ you just opened the .cpp file and it figured out if there were debug symbols, but not so here?

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You have to start the library with the app as hosting executable otherwise Xcode doesn't know what relationship the source has to your binary of the library

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OK, that makes sense. How do I do it? –  Mr. Boy Nov 8 '12 at 17:15

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