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Structure is:

CREATE TABLE stopsbuses (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, stop_id NUMERIC, bus_id NUMERIC, drive TEXT, day TEXT);
CREATE TABLE stopsbusestimes (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, sb_id NUMERIC, timeh NUMERIC, timem NUMERIC);

When I execute query like this:

SELECT timeh, timem FROM stopsbuses 
INNER JOIN stopsbusestimes ON stopsbuses._id = stopsbusestimes.sb_id 
WHERE stopsbuses.stop_id = 2 ORDER BY timeh asc, timem asc 

Output for example is:

7 1
7 31
7 34
7 54
7 57
7 22

Same output is with simple:

SELECT timeh, timem FROM stopsbusestimes ORDER BY timeh, timem

Same output using php + pdo, SQLite Database Browser and in Android aplication.

Am i missing something in ordering by two columns?

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In SQLite, all strings are sorted behind all numbers, so it's likely that 22 is not a number.

To see the types, try typeof or quote:

SELECT quote(timeh), quote(timem) FROM stopsbuses ...
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Yes, it turns out that some timem instances are text, not integer. But how it is even possible if in table creation it is timem NUMERIC. Thanks, I will take a look at the import of data. –  armandsar Oct 27 '12 at 18:20
SQLite uses dynamic typing. –  CL. Oct 27 '12 at 19:34

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