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Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message '

Error: The following fields have not been filled out- Last Name ' in /vagrant/web/Assignment4/Person.php on line 9

I am trying to check a form to make sure that all of the fields are filled in. If any of them are empty, I want to throw an error that says which fields are empty. I am having a hard time understanding how catching exceptions work, so could anyone tell me how they would fix this?


 public function insert()

  //Storing required $_POST array fields in variable for isset function    

   $expectedValues = array(
       "firstName"   => "First Name",
       "lastName"    => "Last Name",
       "title"       => "Title",
       "office"      => "Office",
       "phoneNumber" => "Phone Number",
       "email"       => "Email",

   //Checking to see if all fields are filled in 

    foreach ($expectedValues as $field => $humanName) { 
       if (empty($_POST[$field])) { 
        $errorArray[] = $humanName;
         foreach($errorArray as $print){
            throw new Exception("<p>" . "Error: The following fields have not been filled out- " . $print . "</p>");

             (count($errorArray) = 0);
         catch(Exception $e){
             echo "<p>" . $e->getMessage() . "</p>";

       //If they are, insert them into the Perosn table    

               $insert = $this-> doQuery("INSERT INTO Person 


         //If insert query is successful, return true 
            if ($insert === true){
                return true; 
                echo "Congragulations! You now work for Assignment 4 Incorporated";

         //If not, throw an exception    

              //  throw new Exception
               // ("<p>" . "Error: Query was unsuccessful:" 
               // . " " . $this->error . "</p>");
               // }

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If you want to display errors to user then throwing exceptions is wrong way, try this:

foreach ($expectedValues as $field => $humanName) { 
   if (empty($_POST[$field])) { 
       $errorArray[] = $humanName;
 if (count($errorArray) > 0) {
      echo 'Following fields are empty: '.implode(' ', $errorArray);  

Also for the fun, check out HTML5 property required:

<input type="text" required="required" value="" />
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Wouldn't it be (count($errorArray) > 0) though? isn't = 0 saying that if there is nothing in the error array to print it out? – Brian Houlihan Oct 27 '12 at 18:21
Thanks, fixed it – Alvar FinSoft Soome Oct 27 '12 at 18:36

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