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I'm having some problem with this script... works fine, but not for the total of records found on the query.

I have this function on my ORM called "mix". There are 3 tables: mixes, generos and mixes_generos.

I can search in the table "mixes" or on the table "generos", anyone.

public function search($query, $itemsperpage, $page)
    if (empty($page))
        $page = 1;

    $offset = ($page - 1) * $itemsperpage;

    $orm = $this->join('mixes_generos', 'LEFT')->on('mix.id', '=', 'mixes_generos.mix_id')
                ->join('generos', 'LEFT')->on('generos.id', '=', 'mixes_generos.genero_id')
                    ->or_where('mix.nombre', 'LIKE', '%'.$query.'%')
                    ->or_where('mix.descripcion', 'LIKE', '%'.$query.'%')
                    ->or_where('generos.nombre', 'LIKE', '%'.$query.'%')
                ->and_where('mix.estatus', '=', 'active')
                ->order_by('mix.fecha_produccion', 'DESC')
                ->order_by('mix.track', 'DESC');

    $this->_search_total = $orm->reset(FALSE)->count_all();

    $orm = $orm->limit($itemsperpage)->offset($offset);

    return $orm;

public function search_total()
    return $this->_search_total;

Then, in my controller i have this:

$data = ORM::factory('mix')->search('pop music', 10, 1);

if I want to echo the total, i do this:

echo $data->search_total();

in my view I print the info:

foreach($data->find_all() as $mix)
    echo $mix->nombre;


in this link you will see the result, look closely the column "records_founds" vs the number of "records" that it founds, 3 vs 1??.

And that is the main problem... because when i print the data of the mixes shows 3 instead 1. I also add an group_by('mix.id') and nothing :(

What do you think?

Thank you

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I dont understand your problem. Does ORM made wrong query? –  biakaveron Oct 31 '12 at 9:42
I don't know @biakaveron. Did you see the image link in my main post? did you see the total of "records_found" VS the only register that it's show? How is that possible... maybe in the new version of Kohana 3.3 fixed that, but, I don't tested yet... btw, how do I implement two more ORM's? I know about "with" but, honestly, I don't understand that... so, for that reason I made this function, maybe you can give me more light about that. Thank you. –  Ezequiel Villarreal Nov 1 '12 at 1:37

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