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I'm developing a ruby script that push every new content on my Facebook Page as a post. I know about that the access token will expire in two hours, so how I could do that?

Now this piece of code works because I set "user_access_token" manually (But after 2 hours it expire). It's my company facebook page linked to my facebook app. Should I click every two hours on "Facebook connect" and grant a new access token??

@user_graph =
pages = @user_graph.get_connections('me', 'accounts')
# get access token for first page
first_page_token = pages.first['access_token']

# or: retrieve access_token for a given page_id
page_token = @user_graph.get_page_access_token(page_id)
@page_graph =

@page_graph.put_wall_post('post on page wall') # post as page, requires publish_stream permission

I have got "Page Access Token" from here


but in one hour it will expire

enter image description here


To get an extended Page Access Token, exchange the User Access Token for a long-lived one and then request the Page token. This "extended" token for Pages will actually not have any expiry time.

I have resolved executing a curl request, and saving "Page access token" in my code manually

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Get a page access token – those don’t expire per default; and make sure to do so with a long-time user access token

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Yes, I did. But it still expire in one hour. (I have updated my question post) – sparkle Oct 27 '12 at 20:47
Thanks. Resolved! You're right! ;) – sparkle Oct 27 '12 at 20:58

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