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I am trying to load HTML fixture data into a JsTestDriver test environment. I can get it to work when the jsTestDriver.conf file is at the top level of my working directory, but I cannot get it to work if I put it in a subdirectory and try to use the basePath feature of JsTestDriver. Has anyone got this to work? If so, what am I doing wrong?

First the directory structure that works:

├── fixtures
│   └── fix.html
├── jsTestDriver.conf
├── lib
│   └── JsTestDriver-1.3.5.jar
├── test
│   └── dom.fixture.test.js

The jsTestDriver.conf looks like this:

server: http://localhost:9876

# files in the server section are only added if explicitly asked for        
  - fixtures/fix.html

  - test/dom.fixture.test.js

timeout: 10

The and invoke the server and test-runner respectively:

java -jar lib/JsTestDriver-1.3.5.jar --captureConsole --port $PORT --browser "/usr/bin/firefox;%s,/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome;%s;--allow-file-access-from-files"

java -jar lib/JsTestDriver-1.3.5.jar --tests all --captureConsole

And I load the fixture in the dom.fixture.test.js code like so:

function getFixtureContent() {
  var url = '/test/fixtures/fix.html';

  var request = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', url, false); // synchronous!

  return request.responseText;

This successfully returns the html in fix.html, which I have to then load into the DOM.

But when I push the jsTestDriver.conf file into a conf directory, I can't seem to get the embedded jetty server in JsTestDriver to find the fix.html file without using absolute path (/test//$HOME/javascript/jstd/fixtures/fix.html), despite numerous variations attempted. By default, JSTD assumes the /test root for Jetty to be relative to where you put the jsTestDriver.conf file. Supposedly, setting basePath should allow you to change that.

Here's an attempt that fails:

Directory structure is the same, except jsTestDriver.conf is in a conf dir:

├── conf
│   └── jsTestDriver.conf

the paths in the jsTestDriver.conf have all been adjusted to be down a directory:

server: http://localhost:9876

# files in the server section are only added if explicitly asked for        
  - ../fixtures/fix.html

  - ../test/dom.fixture.test.js

timeout: 10

and and have two additional command line switches:

--basePath .. --config conf/jsTestDriver.conf

The rest is the same.

The error is:

<h2>HTTP ERROR 404</h2>
<p>Problem accessing /test/fixtures/fix.html. Reason:
<pre>NOT_FOUND</pre></p><hr /><i><small>Powered by Jetty://</small></i><br/> 

I have tried it with versions 1.3.5 and 1.3.4.b. Same result. Thanks to anyone who can help solve this mystery.

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I recommend trying version 1.3.3d - we've had to stay on this version due to a bug in relative path calculation that was fixed for that version, but seems to have been reintroduced as a regression for 1.3.4, and is still a problem with 1.3.5.

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