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I would like to use the gmaps4rails gem to display a map of items in a fancybox. I followed carefully the remarks on the wiki concerning ajax call, i.e. scripts have to be included manually in the application layout, maps have to be loaded in a javascript (see gem wiki).

But I still not succeed completely to make the map displayed in the box.

On the other hand as I hard code coordinates in the javascript it works fine, the map is displayed in the fancybox and the markers appear.

Let me recap.

In my index view, I have a ajax call to the items index action:

<%= link_to "Show Map", items_path(:format => :js, :show_map => true), :remote => true, :class => 'fancybox' %>

In the controller, I populate the map data:

def index

   if params[:show_map]
       @map= @items.to_gmaps4rails

in the index.js.erb file, I put

<% if params[:show_map] %>
    var content = "<%= escape_javascript( gmaps({:last_map => false})) %>";
            'content': content,
            'padding' : 20
    Gmaps.map = new Gmaps4RailsGoogle();
    Gmaps.load_map = function() {
               Gmaps.map.markers = <%=  @map %>; 
<% else %>
 // blablabla
<% end %>

Where the markers are provided in the map object.

This does not work and instead of my map I got in the fancybox the code itself appearing. Something like:

var content = "\n
<\/div>\n<\/div>\n"; $.fancybox({ 'content': content, 'padding' : 20 }); Gmaps.map = new Gmaps4RailsGoogle(); Gmaps.load_map = function() {Gmaps.map.initialize(); 
//Gmaps.map.markers = [{"lat":50.294,"lng":5.857},{"lat":50.294,"lng":5.857},{"lat":50.548,"lng":4.918},{"lat":50.384,"lng":3.649},{"lat":50.384,"lng":3.649},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.054,"lng":5.195}]; 
Gmaps.map.markers = [{"lat":50.8483059,"lng":4.351783999999999},{"lat":50.496,"lng":5.066},{"lat":50.11,"lng":5.003},{"lat":50.11,"lng":5.003},{"lat":50.162,"lng":5.871},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005}];
 Gmaps.map.create_markers(); Gmaps.map.adjustMapToBounds(); Gmaps.map.callback(); }; Gmaps.loadMaps(); 

When instead of the erb <%= @map %>, I hard code the markers, for instance:

Gmaps.map.markers = [{"lat":50.294,"lng":5.857},"lat":50.294,"lng":5.857},{"lat":50.548,"lng":4.918}];

It works!

Seems like I'm missing something in the json data type conversion. But I'm not expert to find what is going wrong.

Thanks for your help!

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try using jQuery.parseJSON ... but make sure you are converting a well-formed JSON string (your code above is missing some opening/closing brackets as well as the mandatory double quotes) –  JFK Oct 27 '12 at 22:50

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Ok, I've got what was not going well. Thanks to the following answer http://stackoverflow.com/a/12219016/1100674.

As I use the following syntax:

Gmaps.map.markers = <%= @map %>;

I get the json rendered as this:

               Gmaps.map.markers = [{&quot;lat&quot;:50.8483059,&quot;lng&quot;:4.351783999999999},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.11,&quot;lng&quot;:5.003},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.11,&quot;lng&quot;:5.003},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.08,&quot;lng&quot;:4.5760000000000005},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.08,&quot;lng&quot;:4.5760000000000005},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.08,&quot;lng&quot;:4.5760000000000005},{&quot;lat&quot;:50.413,&quot;lng&quot;:4.371}];

Whereas I use the raw() method,

Gmaps.map.markers = <%= raw(@map) %>;

I get the correct format.

               Gmaps.map.markers = [{"lat":50.8483059,"lng":4.351783999999999},{"lat":50.11,"lng":5.003},{"lat":50.11,"lng":5.003},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.08,"lng":4.5760000000000005},{"lat":50.413,"lng":4.371}];
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Just successfully tried:

<a href="#test" class="fancybox">Open</a>

<div id="test" style="display:none;width:300px;">
  <%= gmaps markers: { data: @json } , last_map: false %>

<script type="text/javascript">
    openEffect  : 'none',
    closeEffect : 'none',
    afterLoad   : function() { Gmaps.loadMaps(); }
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