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Excuse me for not using any technical descriptions here as I am new to javascript. But this is a simple question for anyone learned in javascript.

I am just trying to create a new class that takes only one argument from an existing one that takes two or more arguments.

var newclass(arg) = oldclass(1,"hello",arg); // newclass is pre-filled with 1 and "hello"

Therefore I want to essentially pre-fill the arguments so I may only have to pass one argument in. What is the proper way of doing this in javascript?

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Are you trying to do currying / partial application in JavaScript? It is not clear to me what you are attempting here. – Oded Oct 27 '12 at 22:38
Just trying to do an exact clone of the old class but with 2 of the 3 arguments already filled. The new class will only have to provide one arg. – user922475 Oct 27 '12 at 22:40
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JavaScript doesnt support default parameters. You can do something along the lines of:

function newClass(arg) {
  return oldClass(1, "hello", arg);


function oldClass(arg1, arg2, arg3) {
  arg2 = typeof arg2 !== 'undefined' ? arg2 : "hello";
  arg3 = typeof arg3 !== 'undefined' ? arg3 : 1;
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Here is a very good example of how to create classes by John Resig.

Basically following his example your new class would be:

var newClass = Class.extend({
    init: function (args) {
        this._super(1, "hello", args);
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