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I need to write a program that displays the numbers -1.1 through 3.4, then display the negative sums and the positive sums. I already wrote the loop that displays the numbers, but I cannot figure out how to get just the negative sum and positive sum from this loop. I would need to assign the sum somewhere in this code:

double deci1 = -1.1; 

while (deci1 <= 3.4)
    cout << deci1 << " "; 
    deci1 = deci1 + 0.3; 

.. so that the program will display, "the negative sum is -2.6", and, "the positive sum is 21".. after it displays the list of values. Please help. I know this is probably really simple, and I am overthinking the problem.

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Just FYI, you're using C++ here. You need to look into conditional logic using if statements. For example: double negative = 0; double positive = 0; if (deci1 is negative) { do something with negative } –  pickypg Oct 27 '12 at 22:52
Q: I'm confused: what do you mean by "negative sum" or "positive sum"? Something like positive_sum = dec1 + 0.3; negative_sum = dec1 - 0.3;? –  paulsm4 Oct 27 '12 at 22:55
You would do best to generate the decimals from integers to avoid issues with rounding errors (since 0.1 does not have an exact binary representation). For example: for (int i = -11; i <= 34; i += 3) { double deci1 = i / 10.0; ... }. –  Jonathan Leffler Oct 27 '12 at 23:05
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It would be something like

double sumNeg = 0.0;
double sumPos = 0.0;

while(deci1 <= 3.4)
   if(deci1 < 0)
      sumNeg += deci1;
      sumPos += deci1;

printf("Negative sum: %3.3f\nPositive sum %3.3f\n", sumNeg, sumPos);

What you should be careful of is the deci1 <= 3.4, it might or might not evaluate, since you do have a certain uncertainty with discrete representation of doubles. (your deci1 might be 3.3999999999, or 3.400000000001, one returns true, one false on that loop)

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thanks very much for prompt response –  user1780064 Oct 27 '12 at 23:05
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