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I want to convert urls in a string to workable urls. For example: str = "Hello, this is the link for yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com"

//in the view i have
<%= parse_description(r[:description]) %>

//in helper, i am splitting each word in the string and verifying if i have a string which
//  contains http, if http is present then i am using link_to to make it a valid url:
def parse_description(str)
  s = ""
    str.split.each do |w|
       a =  w.include?("http") ? (link_to nil,"#{w}") : w
       s += "#{a} "

once the string is returned back to the view, the link is not clickable. what wrong i am doing?

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Well, what is the value returned? How might that (along with how it is used) make a difference? Inspect the generated HTML for ideas. – user166390 Oct 27 '12 at 23:11
basically it just returns the string that i am sending, but i want the yahoo link to be a valid url on the view. – Kumar Oct 27 '12 at 23:16
And how do you make a link in HTML? – Dave Newton Oct 27 '12 at 23:22
@Kumar So, back to my comment: "Inspect the generated HTML for ideas" – user166390 Oct 27 '12 at 23:26

Thanks pst for your help.. while returning i just did s.html_safe.. it worked.

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I don't see how this could extract the urls... – Andy Hayden Aug 23 '13 at 9:42

To match the URI's in a String use the following code:

html_string.scan(URI.regexp) do |*matches|
  p $&
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