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Specifically, I am looking for the textures of the pages from the game "Slenderman". I downloaded the mac version (because I am on a mac) and I did Right-Click --> "Show package contents". Inside of there, I opened up the folders to find many files without extensions, many '.dll' files, and other weird files. However, the only image files I could find are '.png' versions of the title screen and company logos. Almost all of the files appear to be associated with the 3D developer "Unity". Is there a way to extract the page textures from the files?

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All resources are merged in one single file (don't remember how it's called). But it's usually the biggest one (8 You might want to check out what format this file is. Maybe it's just a simple zip. –  Valentin Simonov Oct 28 '12 at 1:37

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