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Trying to interface with AMD ADL library (DLL) to retrieve info on the graphics card. Got some of the functions to work but having problems.

Pls see this post with same question but no answer: ATI ADL - AdapterInfo_Get

The function returns using a delphi array but the content is wrong.
The function returns using a pointer to a buffer but the data is the same [wrong].
[see below for code example]

The function is defined in the documentation as follows:

int ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get(LPAdapterInfo   lpInfo,   int  iInputSize)          

Retrieves all OS-known adapter information. 

This function retrieves the adapter information of all OS-known adapters in the
system. OS-known adapters can include adapters that are physically present in the  
system (logical adapters) as well as ones that are no longer present in the system   
but are still recognized by the OS.

Supported Platforms:
Linux and Windows(XP, Vista and Windows 7); 32bit and 64bit 

[in]    iInputSize  The size of the lpInfo buffer. 
[out]   lpInfo  The pointer to the buffer containing the retrieved adapter information. 

If the function succeeds, the return value is ADL_OK. Otherwise the return value is an ADL error code. Result Codes

This API take a fixed-size output array. For dynamic-size output, use ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfoX2_Get function. 

The adl_structures.pas file defines AdapterInfo as follows: type

  AdapterInfo = record
    iSize : integer;
    iAdapterIndex : integer;
    strUDID : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
    iBusNumber : integer;
    iDeviceNumber : integer;
    iFunctionNumber : integer;
    iVendorID : integer;
    strAdapterName : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
    strDisplayName : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
    iPresent : integer;

    iExist : Integer;
    strDriverPath : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH-1] of Char;
    strDriverPathExt : array[0..ADL_MAX_PATH-1] of Char;
    strPNPString : array[0..ADL_MAX_PATH-1] of char;
    iOSDisplayIndex : integer;  
   {$ENDIF} { (_WIN32) || (_WIN64) }

  LPAdapterInfo = ^AdapterInfo;

I declared a type for each function this way:

  TADL_MAIN_CONTROL_CREATE = function(param1 : ADL_MAIN_MALLOC_CALLBACK; param2 : integer) : integer; cdecl;
  TADL_MAIN_CONTROL_DESTROY = function : integer; cdecl;
  TADL_OVERDRIVE5_TEMPERATURE_GET = function (iAdapterIndex, iThermalControllerIndex : integer; var lpTemperature : ADLTemperature) : integer; cdecl;
  TADL_OVERDRIVE5_FANSPEED_GET = function (iAdapterIndex, iThermalControllerIndex: integer; var lpFanSpeedValue: ADLFanSpeedValue): integer; cdecl;
  TADL_ADAPTER_NUMBEROFADAPTERS_GET = function (var lpNumAdapters: integer): integer; cdecl;
  TADL_ADAPTER_ACTIVE_GET = function(iAdapterIndex: integer; var lpStatus: Integer): Integer; cdecl;
  TADL_ADAPTER_ADAPTERINFO_GET = function(AInfo : Pointer; iInputSize: Integer): integer; cdecl;{stdcall;}

Created variables this way:

  ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get : TADL_OVERDRIVE5_TEMPERATURE_GET;

  temperature : ADLTemperature;
  fanspeed : ADLFanSpeedValue;
  numGFX, numActiveGFX : Integer;
  GFXActive : Integer;
  x, size : integer;

  ADL_Info : AdapterInfo;
  ADL_PInfo : LPAdapterInfo;

  ADL_AInfo : Array of AdapterInfo;

  ADL_Result : Integer;
  ActiveAdapters : Array of Integer;
  Addr : Pointer;
  strPresent : String;

Linking to external functions this way:

ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get := GetProcAddress(hDLL, 'ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get');
    ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get := GetProcAddress(hDLL, 'ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get');
    ADL_Adapter_Active_Get := GetProcAddress(hDLL, 'ADL_Adapter_Active_Get');
    ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get := GetProcAddress(hDLL, 'ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get');
    ADL_Overdrive5_Fanspeed_Get := GetProcAddress(hDLL, 'ADL_Overdrive5_FanSpeed_Get');

I then try to get the data into an array and into a memory buffer. Both return the exact same data but its not valid. Note that the other functions are working or return valid errors such as "not supported by driver".


if Assigned(ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get) then
      //*** Array (delphi way)
      Setlength(ADL_AInfo, numGFX);
      Addr := ADL_AInfo;
      size := sizeof(AdapterInfo)*numGFX;

        ADL_Result := ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get(Addr, size);
        If ADL_Result = ADL_OK then
          for x := 0 to numGFX-1 do
              //using a delphi array
              Memo1.Lines.Add('Vender ID for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iAdapterIndex)+' is '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iVendorID));
              Memo1.Lines.Add('Device Number for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iAdapterIndex)+' is '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iDeviceNumber));
              Memo1.Lines.Add('Adatper Name for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iAdapterIndex)+' is '+ADL_AInfo[x].strAdapterName);
              Memo1.Lines.Add('Display Name for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iAdapterIndex)+' is '+ADL_aInfo[x].strDisplayName);
              if ADL_AInfo[x].iPresent = 0 then strPresent := 'not present' else strPresent := 'present';
              Memo1.Lines.Add('Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_AInfo[x].iAdapterIndex)+' is '+strPresent);
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Error : '+IntToStr(ADL_Result));

Memory buffer:

if Assigned(ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get) then
  //*** Pointer (c lookalike)
  size := sizeof(AdapterInfo)*numGFX;
  //GetMem(ADL_PInfo, size);
  ADL_PInfo := AllocMem(sizeof(AdapterInfo) * numGFX);

    ADL_Result := ADL_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get(ADL_PInfo, size);
    If ADL_Result = ADL_OK then
      for x := 0 to numGFX-1 do
          //using getmem with a pointer to a record
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Vender ID for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iAdapterIndex)+' is '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iVendorID));
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Device Number for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iAdapterIndex)+' is '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iDeviceNumber));
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Adatper Name for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iAdapterIndex)+' is '+ADL_PInfo.strAdapterName);
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Display Name for Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iAdapterIndex)+' is '+ADL_PInfo.strDisplayName);
          if ADL_PInfo.iPresent = 0 then strPresent := 'not present' else strPresent := 'present';
          Memo1.Lines.Add('Adapter Index '+IntToStr(ADL_PInfo.iAdapterIndex)+' is '+strPresent);

      Memo1.Lines.Add('Error : '+IntToStr(ADL_Result));


   // ZeroMemory(ADL_PInfo, size);
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First of all replace Char by AnsiChar, as the comment in the linked question suggests. – user246408 Oct 28 '12 at 6:26
Also, some of your arrays appear to be one character too long. array [0..MAX_PATH] has MAX_PATH+1 elements. – David Heffernan Oct 28 '12 at 16:22
It's basically impossible to help since you posted a giant wall of code, but only the Delphi side. You posted no C++ code so how can we tell whether the translation is accurate? – David Heffernan Oct 28 '12 at 16:27
translating wall of C++ to wall of pascal is also not really on topic. – Warren P Oct 28 '12 at 19:09
Combination of Serg & David fixed it. Changed the PRAXIS file to MAX_PATH-1 and Char to AnsiChar and both versions of my code above worked fine. I should have seen this... for anybody trying to do the same I hope this thread will help. Thanks guys! – lowrider Oct 29 '12 at 0:41
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Solution is simple.

  1. download the PRAXIS library
  2. look for all instances of Char within the file "adl_structures.pas" and change them to AnsiChar
  3. in the same file, look for all instances of "[0..MAX_PATH]" and change them to "[0..MAX_PATH-1]"

The code above to get the pointers to the functions in the DLL and extract data is valid and works fine

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