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I ran into a problem when running the following Cypher query against my neo4j database in python binding v 1.6:

START  n0 = node:my_nodes(label='1'), n1 = node:my_nodes(label='1'), 
       n2 = node:my_nodes(label='2'), n3 = node:my_nodes(label='2'), 
       n4 = node:my_nodes(label='2')
MATCH (n0)-[r0]-(n1),(n0)-[r1]-(n4),(n1)-[r2]-(n2),(n2)-[r3]-(n3)
WHERE (r1.year - r0.year = 1) AND (r2.year - r1.year = 0) AND 
      (r3.year - r2.year = 0)
RETURN count(distinct n0), count(distinct n1),
       count(distinct n2), count(distinct n3),
       count(distinct n4)

My database has nodes with indexed properties label and relationships with an integer property year. When executing this query, I get an error

in decorator return fn(*args, **kwargs)
org.neo4j.cypher.CypherExceptionPyRaisable: Unclosed parenthesis
"WHERE (r1.label - r0.label = 1) AND 
(r2.label - r1.label = 0) AND (r3.label - r2.label = 0)"

I have already played around with parentheses in this query with no success. Can anyone help me to solve this error?

Edit: I thought the problem was with using neo4j-embedded version 1.6, but I upgraded it till version 1.9.dev0 (compiled from github), but I still get the same error.

Edit2: Thanks to ulkas comment, I found out about interactive cypher console and created there a sample graph and cypher query (but without index part). There is a problem with the query:

 Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.neo4j.helpers.ThisShouldNotHappenError: 
 Developer: Andres claims that: Unexpected traversal state encountered.

Edit3: After playing around with the console, I've figured out that it does not allow undirected relationships and diamond shape pattern matching which should be available according to the documentation. That is what I got working in the console . This query fails in Python with the same error message (Unclosed parenthesis). Can I still match diamond shape patterns in neo4j? What can be wrong with python binding?

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have you tried the cypher query in the console ? whether it's cypher or python related problem. – ulkas Oct 29 '12 at 8:20

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