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I am retrieving a JSON file that returns its results like what you see below. The JSON has 365 days worth of data. I would like to create "views" of this JSON using javascript, one which pulls the last 10 days, then 1 month, 6 months, etc.

After the getJSON function I am doing this to get a string as JSON, then turn it into an object and will then graph it. So I would like each "view" to be an object for the specified timeframe (using the one JSON). The obj_10days, obj_1month, etc variables would then be plotted.

var $ graph = data ;
var obj = $ . parseJSON ( $ graph ) ;



        "Low": 8.63,
        "Volume": 14211900,
        "Date": "2012-10-26",
        "High": 8.79,
        "Close": 8.65,
        "Adj Close": 8.65,
        "Open": 8.7
        "Low": 8.65,
        "Volume": 12167500,
        "Date": "2012-10-25",
        "High": 8.81,
        "Close": 8.73,
        "Adj Close": 8.73,
        "Open": 8.76
        "Low": 8.68,
        "Volume": 20239700,
        "Date": "2012-10-24",
        "High": 8.92,
        "Close": 8.7,
        "Adj Close": 8.7,
        "Open": 8.85

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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use a for loop / .each ... you have an array of json objects , you should call for it like an array...

like: obj[0].Low

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Thanks, would you mind elaborating? Sorry, I'm new to this – gcubed Oct 28 '12 at 8:14

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