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I have a PartialView that displays IEnumerable<Movie>.


@foreach(var movie in Model) {
    <div class="content">
        <span class="image"><img src="@movie.Posters.Profile" alt="@movie.Title"/></span>
        <span class="title">@movie.Title</span>
        <div class="score`">
            <span class="critics-score">@movie.Ratings.CriticsScore</span>
            <span class="audience-score">@movie.Ratings.AudienceScore</span>
        @Html.ActionLink("Add Movie", "Add", "MyMovies")

When the user clicks the "Add Movie" ActionLink I am going to do an ajax post to add the selected movie to the users collection. My problem is that I would like to send the entire selected Movie class to the "Add" action but not sure how to serialize each movie since the entire Movie class is not rendered in the PartialView, just a few properties. I know I can serialize something like this...

<script type="text/javascript">
    var obj = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(movie));

But I'm not sure how that would work inside a foreach loop that renders html, especially inside a PartialView.

So, just to be clear, when a user clicks the "Add Movie" ActionLink I would like to send the serialized Movie class for that respective movie to my controller via ajax.

My questions is...

Is there a better way to serialize each movie and append it to it's respective anchor? I know there's the data- html5 attribute but I thought they only allow string values, not json objects. I also know I could use jQuery's .data() function but I'm struggling to think through how to get that to run from a PartialView, especially since the html rendered by _MoviePartial.cshtml may be returned from a controller via ajax.

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A framework such as knockout.js would really make your life easier here.

Basically, you would:

  1. Load all the movie data as a JSON array using eg: Json.Encode(Model);
  2. Create a foreach template using knockout to render your data. Knockout will then handle the trouble of keeping the displayed movies to a complete movie model.
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My preference is to return a JSON object as the response with two properties; HtmlString and Data. HtmlString may contain a rendered partial view and Data may contain a serialized object of the request.

I find this is insanely easier to work with JSON, then trying to return HTML with embedded JSON object(s).

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